Credit: AMC

Calling all Walking Dead fans. There’s a new trailer out for Season 7 that will make your jaw drop. If you haven’t already, save the date for Sunday, October 23rd, because that’s the premiere night you’ve all been waiting for.

The trailed was released at Comic Con this morning and Scott Gimple, a writer and producer for The Walking Dead, said on the panel that viewers will learn which person in Rick Grimes’ crew Negan supposedly killed in final episode of last season, so you’ve got to stay tuned. Obviously, this answer doesn’t come in the trailer, but it tells you that you’ll find out soon enough.

The trailer also showed new characters and new settings. Ezekiel is a guy in the comics that has officially come to life. He was a zookeeper before the apocalypse, but now he’s called the King and rules a place called the Kingdom. Also — get ready for this — he has a pet tiger. Yes, there will be a tiger in Season 7 of The Walking Dead and its name is Shiva.

Ezekiel is probably going to lend a helping hand to Rick and his people and he’ll also introduce them to a new trading network, which probably means even more new and exciting characters to encounter.

There will be 16 episodes in this new season, the second half airing in February 2017. Watch the full trailer below.