Kitty Lindsay
April 30, 2017 12:56 pm
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As die-hard fans of the groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks count down to the May 21st Showtime premiere of the supernatural mystery’s latest installment, the brains behind the highly-anticipated revival have finally shared a Twin Peaks trailer with some actual footage from the upcoming season. And while we’re stoked to catch a glimpse of what’s to come, we think we speak for lovers of the series the world over when we say: We. Want. MORE!

Okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic. But, seriously. Since announcing the revival’s official premiere date back in January, the creators of the cult classic have remained mum on the details of the upcoming season. While we know which fan favorites from the original series will be returning to Twin Peaks, the circumstances in which we will find our beloved characters remain murky.

As you will recall, Season 2 of the original series ended on a cliffhanger with the show’s hero, Special Agent Dale Cooper, possessed by demonic spirit, Bob, leaving fans to wonder how our friends in Twin Peaks have coped in the 26 years since. But for followers of the original story, the first trailer to the series’ sequel did little to clear anything up, recycling old footage from the show’s original two seasons.

And the most recent trailer? It’s still a mystery! Totaling a mere 30 seconds in length, the latest sneak peek reveals little more than exterior shots of some of Twin Peaks’ most recognizable landmarks, notably the Black Lodge, the Double R Cafe, and the Palmer family’s home, the show’s signature creepy music underscoring the minimalist montage.

What we do know is the suspense is killing us! Why must you torture us, David Lynch??? (P.S. We secretly love it.)