Image of The Mist
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Guys, don’t go outside. Just don’t do it. The mist is coming — it’s coming for us all!

In all seriousness, The Mist is actually coming to Spike on June 22nd. The new show, based on Stephen King’s short story-turned-novel by the same name, will terrify you and make you afraid of mist, fog, or any form of condensation. The movie’s new trailer alone is scaring us silly — think The Walking Dead meets the smoke monster from Lost and all hell breaks loose.

For those of you who have read The Mist, you know that the mist in question is no ordinary sucky patch of weather. There are creatures in there that want to pretty much destroy humanity.

Check out The Mist trailer below, and prepare yourselves.

This is the second trailer that’s been released for the new show. The first trailer was released in April and made us nervous, but excited — but more-so nervous!

Shivers! There are shivers down our spines!

You might remember that The Mist was turned into a movie back in 2007. Our literary nightmares turned into reality and needless to say, we were thoroughly creeped out. 10 years later, this new Spike reimagining of the story is bound to be even creepier!

Don’t get us wrong, as scary as this show is bound to be, we’re still beyond stoked to watch it. We won’t be able to step outside on a cloudy day ever again, but still — we’re very excited!

Plus, Stephen King lent his writing expertise to the show, so you know it’s going to be top-notch creepy.

Enjoy outside while you can, people. We guarantee The Mist will change your opinion of the great outdoors. Perhaps spend some time in your local grocery store in preparation of camping out there while the world ends!