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By now, you know we have MAJOR heart eyes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine (we’ve never been happier than when we learned about the New Girl crossover!), but they just gained an even more special place in our heart. The cast just starred in a video for Stand Up To Cancer, and we love them so much more.

While the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is 99% silliness…

And we probably couldn’t love them more.

They are so adorable, and so obviously adore each other. We LOVE this cast!

…they also know how to get serious.

And did so in this video for Stand Up To Cancer.

It’s really so important that they’ve decided to speak out.

Because, for many of us, cancer is personal.

“my reason to stand up is because I believe in the power of collaboration,” Stephanie Beatriz explains. “And so does @SU2C 💟 (join me by posting a photo or video with your #Reasons2StandUp!)”

Each cast member shares their own reason for why they believe in standing up to cancer, and it’s truly so incredible—and unfortunate, too, because so many of us have such a personal connection to the disease. But you can show support! On September 9th, tune in to Stand Up To Cancer’s telecast, which raises money for collaborative cancer research.

Stand Up To Cancer makes a difference.

“SU2C raises $ to get new treatments to patients faster,” their bio reads. “Donate now to support collaborative cancer research.”

Hopefully with help from organizations like Stand Up To Cancer, the disease can become less and less common until it’s a thing of the past.