The new "Riverdale" trailer is here, and it looks ridiculously salacious

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If you, like us, grew up reading the adventures of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and the whole Riverdale gang, then you’ve undoubtedly been tracking the development of the new CW show Riverdale, which has been billed as, “Archie meets Twin Peaks.

And we have good news for you, because the latest Riverdale trailer has arrived, and well, it’s dark AF.

Seriously, guys. This is not the Archie of yore. It not only looks extremely sexy and stylized, but it literally involves a murder mystery. That’s right. Gone are the days when Archie’s biggest problem was which gal pal to choose.

Let’s take a gander.

Are you guys seeing this?! Okay, silly question. Of course you are.

It seems as though Archie and Jughead may or may not be involved in the appearance of a dead body. And with lines like, “Every corpse has a story to tell…” and something that looks distinctly like a student-teacher affair, we are OFFICIALLY INTRIGUED.

And in case you missed it, here’s the 45-second teaser that was released earlier this month:

The show will star a slew of newcomers (who we’re SUPER excited about), while also featuring a few familiar faces. Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210 fame will be playing Archie’s dad, bringing him back to the world of teen melodrama (aka, exactly where he belongs).

The show will premiere on the CW on January 26th, and we’ve never been more ready for anything in our drama-loving lives.

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