Credit: Warner Bros.

On Gilmore Girls’ 16th birthday, Netflix opened up over 200 pop-up Luke’s Diners all across the country, where Gilmore Girls friends and fans could come together over one perfect shared interest: Coffee.

Okay, and Gilmore Girls, too.

We’re going to go ahead and call the Luke’s Diners an astonishing success, mostly because a lot of us are still crying over the fact that we actually got to drink coffee out of a Luke’s cup, and that just doesn’t happen every single day of the week. But the Luke excitement isn’t over just yet: Netflix has released another brand new picture from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and it’s all about LUKE.

Mostly, well, because he’s the only person in the picture.

156_GILMOREGIRLS_101_SUM_00416R (1)
Credit: Netflix

This brand new picture doesn’t reveal a whole lot, other than the fact that Luke is still clearly 100% Luke. He’s got the flannel shirt and the backwards baseball hat, and honestly, do we ever really want Luke to change? According to the Netflix press site, this image is from the episode, “Summer” (aka, the third episode of the revival). Luke’s standing in the middle of Stars Hollow, in front of what appears to be Le Chat Club, the cat store in town.

Don’t get too excited, Luke probably doesn’t have a cat in the revival, but who knows? Maybe he’s picking up something for Paul Anka? He could also simply be taking a stroll around town with his hands in his pocket. We’ll find out what he’s really up to on November 25th.