Rachel Paige
March 29, 2017 10:36 am

It’s the New Girl moment we’ve all been waiting for. Okay, the New Girl moment we’ve actually been we’ve been waiting for is the reconciliation between Nick and Jess, so this is actually the SECOND moment. After six seasons, and countless jokes, Schmidt’s first name has finally been revealed.

But first, a little backstory as to how we got here. Schmidt, looking to throw some money around, wants to start a foundation in his name. However, his name — the Schmidt Foundation — is already taken. He’s got to think up something else, or, as CeCe suggests, he could always use his first name to secure the title.

His first name? Never. And why is that?

Schmidt’s first name is…Winston.


Turns out, two Winstons are better than one. However, it is very confusing for college friends Nick, Winston, and Winston, so it was decided early on in their friendship that the Winston we know and love would be Winston, and the other Winston would be, well, Schmidt.

CeCe has learned this name all along, so it’s Ali — Winston’s new fiancee — who is forced to cope with this turn of events. Schmidt wants his name back, and proposes that he now be called Winston, and Winston now be called “The Bis.” (Ali is like, “hard pass.”) Confusing? Yeah, everyone else feels the same way, but Schmidt Winston is not budging. He takes the name he was given at birth, and runs with it.

All is going fine for Winston (Schmidt), until CeCe has to go and say, “I love you, Winston” and it freaks them both out a little too much. So in the end, Winston gets to keep his name, and Schmidt goes back to being Schmidt. All’s well that ends well for Winston and Winston!