In order to pack all the required loose-end-tying final season goodness into only eight episodes, New Girl is going BIG before everybody goes home. The latest Season 7 dramatic revelation? We get to meet Schmidt and Cece’s now-three-year-old daughter. Spoiler alert: She’s adorable.

Little Ruth arrived in the four-year gap between the Season 6 finale and Season 7. When things pick back up again, Schmidt is going all in on the dad thing. Don’t get us wrong, he’s still Schmidt, but a slightly more responsible Schmidt:

And look: Here’s Schmidt and Cece’s parenting in action!

When we last left the New Girl crew, a bunch of major storylines had been semi-resolved as the creators weren’t sure whether a seventh season was in the cards. Winston and Aly got engaged. Jess and Nick were officially on-again, possibly for good this time. And newlyweds Schmidt and Cece had a baby on the way. The series was, thankfully, saved from cancellation — thanks, in part, to Jake Johnson’s heartfelt note to network execs asking nicely for a few more episodes to finish telling our favorite characters’ stories.

The new photo of Schmidt and Cece’s happy family is the latest hint we’ve gotten about what’s to come in Season 7. Cast member social feeds have been blowing up in recent weeks with behind-the-scenes set photos, and we know a few other details — like the fact that the famous loft is still around, that Dermot Mulroney will show up this season as Jess’s ex Russell “Fancyman” Shiller (fingers crossed that doesn’t mean trouble in paradise for Jess and Nick), and that there will be “major milestones” for every character.

We can expect Season 7 sometime in the near future, most likely in the spring.