Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 3:22 pm

The television gods are smiling down upon us this season, and are blessing us with the most perfect crossover ever: New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Strike up the band and get out the party hats, because this is going to be an hour-long television event to remember FOREVER.

The crossover event will air on Fox, where both series live, and will take place back to back ~sometime~ in October (right now, it looks like October 11th, and it’ll be Episode 4 for both shows). But what’s going to happen? Who’s going to be there? Don’t tell us that somehow Jess and Nick end up in Brooklyn police custody because of something Schmidt did (because we all know, it would be Schmidt’s fault). While many details about the epic event are under wraps, we’ve got a little bit more information as to exactly how they unravel on screen.

In a brand new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Dan Goor spilled some juicy tidbits as to what brings the residents of the loft to NYC:

Remember how Jess breaks for birds? Do you actually think she’ll break for Andy Samberg? It appears so, and Samberg is actually the MOST excited about this.

According to EW, it sounds like Jess will be the only one to appear in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but then Jake, Holt (Andre Braugher) Charles (Joe Lo Truglio), AND Gina (Chelsea Peretti) make their way over to the New Girl for some fun and undoubtedly some shenanigans.

Both shows start TONIGHT. Get ready to laugh.