It’s no spoiler that Game of Thrones fans everywhere are itching to get a glimpse back into Westeros. And now, thanks a new brilliant pop up bar, you can experience the Game of Thrones world IRL.

But, it’s not just regular bar with a couple themed drinks and some decorations. The Drink Company and Ommegang Brewery are opening a Washington DC-based pop up bar that allows you to have an interactive GoT-themed experience while drinking. Plus, the drinks that you’re downing in each exciting room are inspired by the show itself.

Of course, you can always drink red wine – a Lannister favorite.

Or you can tickle your tastebuds with a specialty drink like the “Dothraquiri,” inspired by Daenerys’ OG Dothraki warrior allies.

The appropriately named Game of Thrones Pub will open to the public on June 21.

The bar features playful drink specials no matter what house you identify with. It also has themed rooms like the Red Keep and the House of Black and White – complete a Hall of Faces filled with plaster molds of faces of employees, friends, and family.

As if that weren’t already enough, it also has all sorts of picture-perfect displays like a mural of Daenerys’ dragons and a structure of a flayed man. All of these unique decorations will make you want to both raise your glass and your selfie stick.

If you are planning on visiting the bar, be sure to plan ahead. This is the perfect place drink a Bend The Knee (the official GoT beer) and get in an intense discussion about the latest fan theories. But it’s not the best place to actually watch the show itself. The bar will be closed on Sunday nights once Game of Thrones comes out. After all, the employees and owners are obviously superfans. So they’re going to want to concentrate on every exciting moment, too.

And remember (as if you could forget), Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.