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Fans of the The Walking Dead, prepare for an early dose of blood, horror, and some very angry staring.

TVLine reports that this brand-new clip from season seven of the venerated show brings us right back into a truly disturbing setting (and that’s even before you notice the copious amount of blood on Negan’s preferred weapon.)

Revealed at New York Comic Con, the clip shows us a truly traumatized Rick, blood-spattered and looking more horrified than ever (and dude has seen some stuff, so that’s saying something.) As Negan kneels down to have a cordial chat with him after presumably murdering at least one but maybe several of Rick’s people, Rick can only make this solemn promise:

Negan doesn’t seem particularly concerned, taunting Rick further before comandeering his axe and, in a truly chilling moment, dragging Rick to his nearby trailer.

PS, we are not a fan of evil Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Please give us back sexily scruffy handsome The Good Wife Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Yeah, that one is much nicer.

Unfortunately for us nice-JDM-preferrers, it looks like this villain is around to stay. TVLine reports that The Walking Dead exec-producer Scott Gimple suggests that the evil Negan is a big bad for the season, saying the challenge for our friends this season is a little different:

Buckle up to watch the whole clip, guys, it’s pretty grim: