Credit: Netflix

Ever since she first burst onto the scene with her big glasses and ah-mazing wardrobe, we’ve been huge fans of Barb from Stranger Things. Her newfound popularity and fame even surprised the show’s creators and the actress who played her. But, the relatively minor character/ill-fated sidekick to Nancy Wheeler struck a real chord in many of us watching. What can I say? Former high school nerds will always connect with on-screen high school nerds who are treated poorly.

Lucky for all of us, the showrunners and Netflix have fully leaned in to the frenzied Barb-love that’s been sweeping the nation ever since she was introduced (and summarily killed off) in Stranger Things Season 1. Although they’re definitely not resurrecting her from the dead for Season 2. Bleh.

Our latest Barb-centric obsession? This Barb-inspired soup, courtesy of Netflix’s new “Netflix Kitchen” series of YouTube videos.

The soup – “French Onion Barb” – is a little bit gruesome (can soup even be gruesome?), not gonna lie. But it’s seriously ~perfect~ for your next Halloween party, especially if you’re not satisfied with merely doing your make-up like Barb for the spooky occasion.

French Onion Barb is your basic French onion soup, except Barb’s poor dead face is the big chunk of bread that the soup always features. The soup is inspired by the genuinely terrifying scene where Eleven accesses the Upside Down by going into the Immersion Tank and finds Barb very, very dead in the Upside Down-equivalent of Steve’s pool.

The chef uses pizza dough to actually create two versions of Barb – one of her being pulled into the pool by the monster, the other of her floating face in the pool, drizzled with swiss cheese to give Barb’s face that covered-in-Demogorgon-goo look. It looks scary and gross – but also delicious.

If you want to impress all of your friends/fellow Stranger Things devotees with your morbid AF but impressive cooking skills, this French Onion Barb is definitely something you’ll want to feature on the menu at your next Halloween and/or Stranger Things party.