Kenya Foy
November 22, 2016 8:46 am

President Obama is arguably the coolest leader this country has seen. We never thought we’d say this about a president, but we could honestly see ourselves kicking back and chillin’ with him and the ultra fab first lady like a group of long-time buddies. With the newest trailer for Barry, the highly anticipated Netflix film about Obama’s college years, our interest in becoming BFFs with the prez has only grown more intense. (Seriously, we’re about to start making the president another set of friendship bracelets.)

So, we would like to personally thank Netflix for snatching up this film a week after its Toronto International Film Festival debut because it basically has it all. The trailer offers a glimpse into Barry’s dating life, his encounters with racial discrimination, his on-campus life at Columbus University, and we even see him grooving at the club (clearly the president didn’t hone those “Hotline Bling” moves overnight).

As Vulture reports, Barry will debut on Netflix on December 16th and will more than likely make us even more depressed about the end of Obama’s time in the Oval Office. But let’s try and suck up those tears (we know — it’s a struggle) and look at the trailer, which is honestly sooo good, we can’t stop watching.

Alright, everyone. Who’s down to join us for an official Barry watch party? We’ll need drinks, snacks and unfortunately plenty of tissues.