Credit: Netflix

We’re constantly watching Netflix, and Netflix is constantly watching US — but we actually need to start paying more attention to the streaming site so they can’t pull any more fast ones on us. In what might be their biggest Beyoncé move of the year, Netflix is dropping a brand new show on Friday. As in, four days from now. And what’s most exciting about it is that it just might be their next big Stranger Things.

This new show is called The OA and…well, actually we don’t know anything about this. This is a true Queen B move, Netflix, and just what we need for a pre-holiday binge.

From what we can gather from the first — and probably, only — trailer for the show, it focuses on a young blind woman who disappeared almost twenty years ago. Twenty years later, she’s back home, and suddenly she can see again.

Um. What??

Also, let’s just talk about the demogorgon in the room: DOES THIS NOT REMIND YOU OF STRANGER THINGS? Hell yes it does, from the strange markings on the missing girl (Brit Marling, who also created the show, no big), to the strange looking science contraptions, and riding bikes! Also, bonus: The show also stars Harry Potter‘s own Jason Isaacs.

Welp. We just learned what we’re going to be doing this weekend, so go ahead and cancel all your plans. Here’s to our next great Netflix binge, and honestly, this is the best kind of surprise Netflix binge.