Olivia Harvey
Updated Sep 22, 2017 @ 2:49 pm

Observant fans love to scour nostalgic kids’ media to find inappropriate symbolism that made it into the final cut. Most of time these images are just coincidental and weren’t intentionally placed in a scene. But Netflix just had to pull an episode of Maya the Bee— a popular children’s show — because it contained a super inappropriate detail that was clearly totally intentional.

Maya the Bee is a cute animated children’s show about a bee kiddo’s adventures in becoming a bee adult. So imagine some parents’ surprise when they realized Episode 35 featured a very non-child-friendly illustration of a penis in the background.

Yeah, no joke — there was a giant penis carved into the wall next to Maya. This mom caught the evidence and posted it to Twitter.

The abnormally large cave etching is so clearly the same phallic symbol that littered our high school bathroom stalls that Netflix couldn’t explain it away. The streaming site ultimately took down the episode and has yet to release a statement about it.

Meanwhile we’re sitting over here pondering how no one noticed this before the episode went on the air. Hello? Is anyone there?

According to BuzzFeed, another mother posted a screenshot of the scene on Facebook, a post she has since deleted.

And while kids seeing a subtle sketch of the male member isn’t really the end of the world (most probably didn’t notice), we get why parents would be concerned. So people creating children’s media — let’s cool it on the penises, okay?