Karen Belz
September 06, 2016 1:17 pm

When your work day is terrible, you probably don’t want to get home and try to relax with a bunch of… bad news. While knowing what’s happening in the world is pretty darn important, it’s also extremely healthy to tune out and find some peace after dealing with a less-than-ideal day at the office. That’s where Slow TV comes in.

This August, Netflix started airing Slow TV, which is quite similar to how it sounds. If it’s slow and (kind of) boring, it’s perfect Slow TV material. For example, one program that aired was National Knitting Evening, which contained four hours of quiet knitting. Also on the network? A quiet train ride to Oslo from the The Bergen Railway, known as one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

As expected, these programs aren’t too action-packed. So if you’re the type of person who waits all year for the next-to-last episode of Game of Thrones every season, Slow TV might not truly be up your alley.

But for those who just need to focus on something quiet and calming, it’s absolutely perfect. That train ride, for example? Incredibly soothing. Thomas Hellum, who put together the train video, told The Daily Beast that pitched the idea as a way to honor the centennial of the Bergen Railway. When pitching the idea to the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, they thought the whole thing was “too wild to turn down.” Surprisingly, 450,000 viewers tuned into watch when it premiered in 2009.

If you have a Netflix membership, you might want to check out everything that Slow TV has to offer. Not only is it great to have in the background, but it’s a great way to refocus and find a little bit of much-needed inner peace.