Rachel Paige
December 24, 2014 6:29 am

In between the copious amounts of holiday cheer that comes standard with the last week of December, you’re going to need to clear at least a few hours of your schedule and hunker down in front of Netflix. Why? Because just like at the end of every month, we bid adieu to a slew of movies and TV shows vacating the streaming service. Netflix only leases the rights to movies and shows for so long, and sometimes their time is up, and it’s not renewed. It’s utterly heartbreaking, especially if you’re only two seasons into a five season show (it’s happened to me before).

With the end of 2014, we’re going to say goodbye to about 60 different viewing options, that will leave our queue and our computer screens for the time being. They might return — or you might have to wait until you find them in a bargain bin DVD one fateful day at Target.

Good thing it’s the holidays and you’ve got some down time for some much needed binge-watching. So what are the movies you definitely need to clear your schedule for? Here’s a small taste of what you’ll be missing come January 1st.

The Breakfast Club

That’s right, the high school movie that launched a thousand other high school movies and high school clichés is leaving Netflix. All that remains from John Hughes is Ferris Bueller and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

You’ve Got Mail

Honestly, I will probably miss You’ve Got Mail the most out of this list, because you guys don’t even know how many times it’s like 2am and suddenly I need to watch just ten minutes of this movie (usually the ten minutes when Tom Hanks shows up at Meg Ryan’s apartment with daisies when she’s sick, in case you’re wondering). Will there ever be another romantic comedy as perfect as this? Also, this is Mindy Kaling’s favorite movie, so if you ever meet her, you can talk about this!


You’ve only got a few more days to binge the 3 hour movie that will undoubtedly leave you crying.

Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless

What do you mean there’s been a Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix this entire time? [Instantly moves it up to spot #1 on the queue] It’s got three episodes which are all about 45 minutes long. You’ll thank me later.

Love Actually

While Love Actually can be watched all year long, it is without a doubt a perfect Christmas movie, so maybe it’s fitting that it leaves right after the holidays this year? It’d be cruel if Netflix pulled this one in, like, October.

The Wedding Planner

Relive the joy that is watching Matthew McConaughey before his McConaissance, especially when he plays opposite rom-com darling of the 2000s, J. Lo. This movie always gives me a craving for grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks

Say it isn’t so, Netflix. Not only do they not have D2 the Mighty Ducks as part of their instant watching roster, but now these are leaving as well? What are we supposed to watch when we’re avoiding paying bills?

My Girl and My Girl 2

If you need a huge dose of ’90s nostalgia, plan a double feature of My Girl and My Girl 2 for one cozy night in. Try your hardest not to cry through both of them.


Chances are you haven’t seen Saved! Here’s my PSA for you to check it out: it’s got Jena Malone playing a high school student who accidentally gets pregnant. Mandy Moore plays the mean girl in the movie. Patrick Fugit plays the swoon-worthy almost-boyfriend. Macaulay Culkin and Eva Amurri Martino (aka, Susan Sarandon’s daughter) play the cool couple in school. Are you still not convinced? Mary Louise Parker plays Malone’s mom. What are you waiting for? You only have until midnight on Deceber 31st to watch this!

The Usual Suspects

You guys, The Usual Suspects is my all time favorite movie. I really truly hope its incredible twist ending hasn’t been spoiled for anyone who hasn’t seen this movie yet, and if you’ve managed to stay spoiler-free your entire life, now is the time to watch it. It’s got Kevin Spacey way before Frank Underwood was a thing.


Star Wars is kinda popular right now, no? And while others might parody the space saga, none have ever come close to the sheer brilliance, and hilarity of Spaceballs. If you’ve never really gotten into a Mel Brooks’ comedy before, this is the perfect place to start — and it includes the late, great Joan Rivers and John Candy. Just start watching this soon, because it’ll disappear before you know it. Sniff.

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