You probably remember the moment you found out that Netflix would be increasing its monthly fees. Maybe you shed a single tear. Maybe you sighed in frustration. Either way, you most likely felt a deep sense of betrayal. With all this negative energy directed their way, Netflix inevitably reached a karmic roadblock that they definitely did not expect.

So, this past quarter, the online media provider estimated that they’d acquire 1.15 million sign-ups, but they were way off. Instead, they only managed to secure 880,000 new members and, as a result, this downgrade affected the company’s stock price.

Now, why exactly is this happening to Netflix? Did they walk under a ladder? Break a mirror? While bad luck is an interesting theory, the real answer lies in: credit cards. Yup. Those simple, plastic objects are the culprit. (It’s always the ones you don’t initially suspect.)

Following Europe’s lead, banks in the United States have started to distribute new credit cards that contain metallic chips. This allows for individual cards to generate a unique code during each and every transaction, so that they are less likely to be stolen. While this is good news for everyone who wants to protect their identity, it’s bad news for Netflix. Why? Because new credit cards equal new credit card numbers.

When you receive a new credit card number, it’s up to you to update this information – even on Netflix. If you don’t, this means that the company will have no way to charge you and, consequently, you’ll bypass the increase in prices. If you’re looking for a way out of such a subscription service, this seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Our over-forecast in the US for Q3 was due to slightly higher-than-expected involuntary churn (inability to collect), which we believe was driven in part by the ongoing transition to chip-based credit and debit cards,” Netflix said in the earnings release.

Oops. Despite feeling a little bit betrayed about Netflix’s increased monthly subscription fee, the service has, after all given us some quality memories. Where would our hearts be without the ability to binge-watch every single season of Gilmore Girls? Or Friends? Which is why we’re currently sending the company some positive vibes their way. We still love you, Netflix.

[Image via Shutterstock]