Rachel Paige
Updated January 09, 2018

The future is now, and the future of pizza delivery is now. What a time to be alive, huh? At International CES 2018, Pizza Hut announced that they are developing a “self driving delivery truck” for hot and fresh pizza. THE DREAM. THE FUTURE! Except, hey, doesn’t this idea sound familiar? Does it sound like something that just happened not that long ago in a Black Mirror episode? Sure does — and Black Mirror has something to say to Pizza Hut about this “idea.”

First, this automated driving truck. According to the news out of CES, this new vehicle called, e-Pallete, “could host a mobile store, act as a ride-sharing service or deliver packages.” That includes pizza. The e-Pallet, in a partnership with Toyota, is a way for “the store will come to you,” according to Toyota president Akio Toyoda. Basically, instead of going to Pizza Hut yourself, or Pizza Hut dispatching a single delivery person to delivery one pizza, it would be more of a seamless operation. You just call the e-Pallet, and voila, the Pizza comes to you. Genius.


I’m sorry, do we all not remember the episode of Black Mirror Season 4, “Crocodile,” where a rogue pizza delivery truck is literally the inciting incident that sets off a wave of random and senseless murders?? The Netflix show was quick to point this out, reminding everyone of the DANGERS OF PIZZA DELIVERY TRUCKS especially one in the SNOW.

They sent another message out on Facebook, indicating the exact moment the pizza incident happens in the episode: S4:E3:015:015:00.


So while, sure, this automated pizza delivery car sure sounds awesome, do you really want a bunch of guinea pigs being called to the stand to testify for murder? Don’t answer that.

Hopefully whatever Pizza Hut rolls out knows how to navigate the streets better than in the world of Black Mirror.