Credit: YouTube/Netflix

If you haven’t been watching Netflix’s Black Mirror, you’ve been missing out. The sci-fi futuristic horror just released a creepy new season a month ago, and people have been freaking out.

Featuring stories set not far in our potential future, the show tells tales of technology gone wrong — or, even scarier, people using technology for terrifying reasons.

Now, Black Mirror has an even scarier pitch: Netflix Vista.

In a parody video (or maybe just a glimpse into our future), Black Mirror shows us a world where we can have Netflix not just at our fingertips with our computers, tablets, and smartphones. With Netflix Vista, we can have the streaming service right on our eyes. Ready for this?

OMG, right? Pretty horrifying, but also kind of intriguing.

Look, we don’t want to be totally unconnected from the world. But being able to watch our favorite shows so easily while taking the train to work or doing some crunches at the gym actually sounds pretty awesome.

Still, there’s something super unnerving about the video.

The moment at the end where two people are sitting completely still across from each other at the dinner table? Chills.

And Netflix knows exactly what we’re thinking. “The question is not if you want this, but are you ready for it?” they ask in the video’s description.

We’re not sure we’re ready for it.