Credit: Netflix

The day has finally come, we now know which adorable redhead will be playing Anne on Netflix’s Anne of Green Gables remake.

On Friday, Netflix announced that they had found the lead for their upcoming Anne of Green Gables eight-episode series, called Anne.

Newcomer Amybeth McNulty will play Anne Shirley in the highly anticipated series, which is an adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s novel for Netflix and Canada’s CBC.

TV Line reports that the streaming service also announced two other casting additions to the series. R.H. Thomson and Geraldine James will will play Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, the aging siblings who adopt Anne and bring her to Green Gables.

After looking far and wide, the 14-year-old actress, who is from Ireland, landed the iconic role of everyone’s favorite redhead with braids — not including Pippi Longstocking of course — beating out girls from all over the world.

Credit: CBC

While McNulty is fairly new to the acting world, having landed her first gig in 2014! We don’t know a ton about her other than that she guest-starred on Agatha Raisin, and is a self-described bookworm. Well, that sure sounds like Anne to us!

We cannot wait to see what Netflix and CBC does with this timeless story once it airs sometime in 2017.