Claire Beaudreault
April 20, 2018 8:45 am

There’s a new animated original series that just hit Netflix, starring none other than Sanrio character Aggretsuko, the red panda office girl-slash-death metal singer. Netflix and chill? Try Netflix and rage.

In case you missed it, Aggretsuko is the alter ego of Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department of a Tokyo trading company. Her daily life is one of drudgery, and to shake off the stress of the day, the Sanrio character retreats into Tokyo karaoke bars, where she epically shreds scary metal music. She’s just searching for the perfect work/life balance. In other words, Aggretsuko is all of us.

The new anime series premieres today, April 20th, and we are ready to binge-watch on Netflix. The show will premiere globally and is available in bite-sized 15-minute episodes so you can watch it on your lunch break. It is written and directed by Japanese creator Rarecho (Yawaraka Tank), who doubles as the voice for Retsuko’s death metal performances. How cool is that?

Mild-mannered office girl by day…

Courtesy of Netflix x Sanrio

We can relate.

Rage-filled metal singer by night.

Courtesy of Netflix x Sanrio

Also extremely relatable.

Peep the trailer:

Yassss panda kween.

Check out some of the Aggretsuko gear available from Sanrio:

1Aggretsuko Coin Purse: Karaoke

Courtesy of Sanrio

To stash your karaoke fund.

2Aggretsuko x New Era 9FIFTY Cap: Rage


Wear your hat low when you are too angry to speak to anyone.

3Aggretsuko Mini Canvas Tote Bag: Office


This shouldn’t freak out anyone at the office too much.

4Aggretsuko STainless Steel Bottle: Work

Courtesy of Sanrio

Stay hydrated in the office.

Courtesy of Netflix / Sanrio

Watch Aggretsuko on Netflix starting today, April 20th.