Karen Belz
February 23, 2017 6:50 am

When celebrities appear on The Tonight Show, they know there’s a chance that they might get messy. Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon egged themselves last night during a rousing game of “Egg Russian Roulette,” and we honestly can’t stop laughing.

The game is exactly how it sounds. Both participants are presented with a dozen eggs. Eight are hard-boiled, but four are still raw. Each competitor needs to crack their chosen egg on top of their head — and if you think they might be able to cheat based on weight, note that there are “no putbacks” throughout the game.

Fallon and Harris definitely added a ton of suspense. Who’ll be needing a quick shampoo during the commercial break?

As you can see, Fallon got off to a rough start.


Even worse, he actually tried to go into the game with a strategy, while Harris was slightly looser throughout.

Speaking of Harris, he really “cracked up” (hehe) over Fallon’s first attempt.

Eventually, Fallon managed to have the same good luck as Harris, who — surprisingly — managed to stay pretty dry throughout the show.


Since Harris is really into magic, we should probably blame wizardry for his ability to predict, by sight alone, which eggs were hard boiled.

That said, we’ve got a good feeling that he might not want to play it at home with his twins, Harper and Gideon. They’d love it, but surely it’s a bit different when you’re the one in charge of the cleanup!