Alyssa Thorne
Updated September 28, 2017 11:01 am

If you feel like your life hasn’t been dramatic enough lately, we have some good news for ya. The brilliant mind behind Laguna Beach and The Hills is bringing a new series set in Nashville to CMT. It’s called Music City, and it’s going to — surprise, surprise — follow a group of young, emerging artists in Nashville as they make their way through the music industry.

Of course, in addition to career-related drama, there will be a lot of personal drama, because…duh, that’s why we tune in. And we wouldn’t pass up on this third coming of Laguna Beach (but, set in Nashville!) — arriving after the second coming, MTV’s Siesta Key.

The eight-episode first season will premiere alongside CMT’s Nashville next year.

And this sounds like a pretty blissful TV union, if you ask us.

Adam DiVello is the brains behind the operation. He was a development/supervising producer for Laguna Beach and creator of The Hills and The City. He’s really excited about the prospect of expanding his ~creative vision~ to include music.

He’s also pumped about the new location, and we are too! It’s nice to see a show set outside of LA and New York every once in a while, you know? Plus, Nashville as a city has such a rich music scene. So we’re sure DiVello will have no shortage of material.

Music City is def getting a spot on our DVR rotation.