Rachel Paige
Updated Nov 30, 2016 @ 3:10 pm
gilmore girls
Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve somehow missed the events of this past week (and if you have, that’s totally fine) you know that we are currently living in a post Gilmore Girls final four words world. A Year in the Life dropped last Friday on Netflix, and you devoured the entire series like a Thanksgiving pie, hungry to get to the very end of the series, and learn the fateful last four words. Now that you know them, you need to know that there were actually multiple reactions filmed for them.

Come on, did you really think Lorelai Gilmore only had ONE reaction up her sleeve?

Credit: Netflix

Talking to Ryan Seacrest on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Lauren Graham confesses that they filmed a few scenes for the last four words, and for each one, she had a different reaction.

“We did film several reactions of mine,” she explained. “I haven’t seen the show, because I have terrible problems and can’t want myself until ten years later. So, I don’t know [what expression they used] except how it’s been described to me. But [it sounds like the] reaction [the revival used] was 50-50 mix of surprise and total joy.”

Surprise and total joy? We’ll take it. But then, does that mean that somewhere out there, there’s a reaction that is 100% surprise and one that is 100% joy? Might there even be a reaction that’s more shock than surprise, or even sadness, confusion, RAGE…hangry?

And for those wondering if these last four words were always supposed to be the last four words, the answer is yes.

“Those were always the last four words, so they were not intentionally designed to drive anyone crazy.” Laure continues. “Having said that, I didn’t know them till halfway through filming, and my reaction was also, ‘wait, what, huh?’ I thought it was going to be like ‘goodnight, dear town.'”

Those, obviously, aren’t the last four three words, but now we’re kinda wishing they were. We’re also kinda wishing we could see a compolation video of all of Lauren’s reactions to the last four words (hint, hint, Netflix).