Even if you aren’t watching as much MTV as you were back in the day, you probably still tune into their incredibly fun (and sometimes controversial) awards shows. So, it’s good to know in advance that the MTV Movie Awards are making a change this year. While the show always honored the very best movies with truly fun categories that you wouldn’t find at the Academy Awards, this year they’ll be recognizing solid TV shows as well.

We know —it seems weird. But we have faith that the show will still be a ton of fun.

It’s been rumored that the awards show will officially change their name to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, which doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily. But perhaps it’s about time to revamp things. After all, the awards have been an annual event since 1992.

Plus, while MTV has released its own movies, they’re obviously known best for their television programming. This change means brand new categories, and maybe a mix of different celebrities on the red carpet.

MTV’s president, Chris McCarthy, made a statement about the new change this past Monday:

He makes a great point. And hey, it’d be great to see talents like, say, the cast of Orange Is The New Black accept some golden popcorn.

The brand new show will be airing live on May 7th. We’ve got our fingers crossed that a host will be announced soon.