Credit: MTV

Remember when you would set TRL to time record after school everyday so you wouldn’t miss performances from your fave girl groups and pop punk bands? Our hearts broke when TRL was cancelled in 2008, but MTV is about to bring back your favorite music countdown video show for one day only — and it’s not to get you to vote for your fave music vids.

Total Registration Live aims to rally and educate Millennial voters. The event commercial begins with TRL clips that will send you on some seriously intense ’90s-’00s nostalgia trips — from the Backstreet Boys, to Christina Aguilera, to Jay Z and Beyoncé in their ’03 Bonnie and Clyde days — before switching to current day clips of #BlackLivesMatter protests, LGBT pride protests, environmental protests, Muslim activists, etc. The commercial asks young people to use the same voice that helped TRL “define music for a generation” to vote on issues affecting racial inequality, gender inequality, immigration, education, national security, etc.

Credit: MTV/YouTube

As reported by Rolling Stone, the one-hour special can be watched on MTV, as well as their app, website, and YouTube channel. Ty Dolla $ign will be performing music from his Campaign mixtape, and Joss Whedon (who released this important and hilar get-out-the-vote ad) and Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony (who recently published this important essay on immigration) will be making appearances, as will Kendall Jenner and other celebrities.

Rolling Stone refers to a recent poll conducted by MTV Elect This, which suggests that our demographic will decide who becomes President of the United States. Their study found that if only half of Millennials vote, the race will be too close to predict. If all Millennials vote, Hillary Clinton will beat Trump by 5 percent. If no Millennials vote, Trump will win.

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