Credit: Netflix

We’ve been LOL’ing for days now over the Netflix reboot of the classic show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Though it’s amazing to watch Jonah and the ‘bots take on terrible movie after terrible movie, we found ourselves wondering exactly how many times the writing team has to watch the film in order to write down the hundreds of jokes needed for each episode.

Luckily, the geek-tastic team over at Nerdist wondered the same thing, and it was one of their first questions when they interviewed the MST3K team for Nerdist’s show, Alpha’s Mothership.

Turns out the MST3K team watches bad movies more than we think is sane.

In their writing process, the team said they have to watch each awful movie AT LEAST TWICE, but sometimes even THREE times.

And according to creator Joel Hodgson, the writing can take two weeks.

Writer and Tom Servo-voice Baron Vaughn points out why the extra views are needed:

Star and writer Jonah Ray agreed, adding:

Imagine watching a movie three times in a row but it’s not something iconic like Titanic or Clueless, it’s literally one of the worst movies ever made! And instead of smashing the copy to bits, you have to come up with jokes the entire time!

Although you still get the movie/candy part, it sounds like hard work. That’s the science of MST3K. These talented actors and writers come up with comedic gold from terrible films you may have never seen! But that’s why Netflix’s Mystery Science Theatre 3000 revival is as funny as the original. They put in the work!

Check out the whole interview with Vaughn, Ray, and Hodgson at Nerdist.

And remember, all those laughs come with a price!