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If you’ve got a spare $156 million dollars lying around, you could buy a LOT of just about EVERYTHING — like, at least two or three ponies and a trip to Disney World, bare minimum.

Now if you want to put that $156 towards Netflix, you could probably buy like, 16 seasons of Stranger Things or something. OR, just ONE season of the upcoming The Crown which, yes, cost Netflix a reported $156 million.

That is a lot of binge money, Netflix. Will their investment pay off? Judging from the first official full-length trailer for The Crown, that is one big YES.

The story will follow the true life story of Queen Elizabeth II from past to present, spanning all the most important moments from her life. And judging from the first trailer, The Crown will be well worth the money. It is full of ALL OUR FAVORITE BRITISH TV SHOW THIGNS!! Like:

Longing glances!

Credit: Netflix


Credit: Netflix


Credit: Netflix

The first ten episodes of the series land on Netflix on November 4th. It’s expected that the show will eventually span 6 seasons, covering 60 episodes, aka, 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s life. Netflix better start saving up.