Candice Darden
July 27, 2016 1:39 pm

We all know James Moriarty (actor Andrew Scott) as the villain we love to hate, the “Napoleon of crime” and a near match to Sherlock’s intellect and skills of deduction. And, even though Moriarty seemingly died at the end of Season 2, Sherlock’s nemesis might be returning for Season 4.

But let’s talk about what Moriarty looks like IRL, which is surprisingly nothing like his standard straight-laced look.

Here’s the buttoned-up, suit-and-tie-wearing Moriarty we know:


And here’s actor Andrew Scott IRL:

David M. Benett / Getty

With a distressed leather jacket and scarf, Andrew looks worlds different than his on-screen alter ego. Where Moriarty is always dressed in a sharp suit, Andrew’s personal style is much more fashionably low-key.

Here he is at the start of the production of “Spectre:”

Attending a show in London in a casual overcoat and tee:

And looking like the polar opposite of Moriarty in jeans and an unbuttoned v-neck top:

Didier Messens / Getty

We’ve gotta say, we’re digging Andrew Scott’s unique personal style – he looks much less menacing and a lot more ruggedly handsome in real life. It’s a testament to wardrobe and to Scott’s acting skills that the character of Moriarty is nearly unrecognizable when compared to the actor who portrays him. We’re still holding out on seeing him again in Season 4, but it’ll be hard to scrub the visual of Andrew Scott’s cute grin while wearing a leather jacket if Moriarty returns to the show!