Rachel Sanoff
September 13, 2016 4:13 pm

The characters in the ’80s-influenced sci-fi Netflix obsession, Stranger Things, are some of the best characters on television today — its nuanced female characters, like Eleven, Joyce Byers, and Nancy Wheeler, are especially impacting viewers.


And one mother is making sure that her daughters are exposed to the brave, clever, and strong fictional women of Stranger Things with the most fantastic cosplay.

Kelly Crawford of Australia created these Joan Byers and Eleven costumes for her daughters Abby and Charlotte. And the accuracy is incredible — from Joan’s tangled Christmas lights and flannel to Eleven’s nosebleed and Eggo waffle.

In her caption, Crawford explained that battery-powered lights she had around the house inspired her to make the Joan Byers costume for their trip to Comic Con Sydney.

Crawford told BuzzFeed News:

We can’t get over the Eggo.

Also, Crawford made sure that her daughter understood Eleven’s phenomenal qualities:

We for real need to step our game up for Halloween if we want to be anywhere near as cool as these little girls.