ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Eight
Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone/ Getty Images

WE LOVE BLOOPER REELS. We’re not even going to play it cool. Obviously we love watching our favorite shows every week but maybe the BEST part of a season of television ending is the hopes that a blooper reel will soon makes its way onto social media afterward. It’s like Christmas morning, only you don’t know if it’s going to come, and Santa just sort of surprises you out of the blue.

Today, Entertainment Weekly released the Modern Family season 7 blooper reel and it’s going to make your Monday 1000000x more bearable.

Credit: ABC/

Blooper reels from drama series are always fun, because you get to see the actors who are normally super serious cut loose and have a little fun (oh, to return to the days of House, MD blooper reels, where A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie would peak out from Dr. House’s cantankerous facade) but comedy blooper reels are often better. Because, y’know, everybody’s already good at being funny.

Credit: ABC/

The Modern Family set looks like it’s a nonstop dance party, and we need to figure out how to snag an invite for season 8.

Check out the full blooper reel below — but make sure you’re not in public, or you’re for sure going to embarrass yourself laughing or dancing along with them.