Thea Glassman
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 5:05 pm

Fans who have been hardcore shipping the whole Dr. Mindy Lahiri/Nurse Ben romance, avert your eyes immediately. During the recent Television Critics Association summer press tour, Ms. Mindy Kaling let it slip that the one and only Danny Castellano will come back for The Mindy Project‘s final season, and all we can say is, “exsqueeze me??”

“We’ve been texting with [Chris Messina] recently and wrote some really great stuff,” Kaling told the crowd, implying that yes, Danny will be back to shake things up for Mindy and her (current) happily ever after.

This spells trouble for a number of reasons. Namely, Danny and Mindy have such a turbulent, on-again off-again relationship, and now the two of them are officially involved with other people. Plus, we feel lukewarm about Danny at best, after the whole asking-Mindy-to-quit-her-job debacle, followed by not even telling Mindy he was ENGAGED.

In brighter, less emotionally trying news, Kaling revealed that some other very familiar faces will be returning for the final season — including Adam Pally and the Duplass brothers.

Annnnd on top of that, we’re going to be getting a whole slew of star-studded cameos, like Julie Bowen, who will come on-board as a character who “mommy shames” Lahiri.

“It’s almost like every week, you’re going to have one more classic moment with a famous guest star,” executive producer Matt Warburton said.

All this good news is kind of dampening the pain of having to say goodbye to the Shulman & Associates crew. Plus, Kaling told the audience that her character will get a happy ending — even if not in the most traditional sense.

She added that the writers weren’t interested in giving the character a “perfect” send-off, and we support that. Not so much Danny. We cannot wait to grab some sour straws, and watch all of this perfect imperfection go down in September.