Jill Layton
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 1:10 pm

Mindy Kaling is a bonafide genius. Not because she’s ridiculously hilarious, an incredible writer, and an all-around badass boss lady — although definitely for those reasons, too. But Mindy Kaling found the perfect way to double her wardrobe, and yeah, it’s genius.

Mindy Kaling’s favorite color is yellow, and she made her The Mindy Project characterMindy Lahiri’s favorite color yellow. So thanks to her skills of making really good decisions, Kaling now has a closet full of yellow.

See? Genius.

Since Kaling created The Mindy Project and also writes and stars in the show, she’s obviously the boss when it comes to important decisions like choosing a character’s favorite color. And we definitely don’t blame her for wanting to expand her own wardrobe.

Kaling posted a collage to Instagram of herself wearing soooo many yellow outfits, both IRL and on the show. It’s very clear that both women are pretty in love with yellow.

We gotta say, it makes so much sense that yellow is both Kaling and Lahiri’s favorite color. It’s so vibrant and uplifting and perfect — it’s basically their personalities as a color.

In case the collage of yellow outfits isn’t enough proof of Kaling’s yellow obsession (not that favorite colors require proof or anything), check out the two most recent Instagram photos she posted of herself.

Yellow shirt:

And yellow shoes:

Now that’s a lady who loves herself some yellow.