Christina Pellegrini
June 05, 2016 8:27 am
Universal Television

Ahh, summer. There’s no better time to start binge-watching a new TV show than starfished on the living room couch in your underwear with the AC on full blast.

Apparently Mindy Kaling feels the same way, because she recently posted a photo to Instagram of herself hanging onto every word in UnREAL.

The darkly funny Lifetime series is now in its second season, and it offers a glimpse behind the scenes of a fictional reality dating show. It’s the job of the main character, Rachel, to manipulate her relationships and cause drama on the set of the unscripted show.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes reality TV so absurd (and believe us, we have) this show sounds like it’s instantly addicting. And honestly, any show that Mindy likes is probably hilarious, so that would be enough endorsement for us (if we weren’t already obsessed with UnREAL ourselves).