Milo Ventimiglia in a still from "This Is Us"
Credit: NBC

Fans are going crazy for the hit show, This is Us. More specifically, they are gaga over a certain character on the show. As if we even need to say his name… Jack Pearson. Audiences everywhere are so invested in Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia), they are exploding with fan theories about the nature of his mysterious/yet-to-be-revealed death. Usually, when this many TV watchers are itching to know, the show’s definitely tapped into some super special sauce.

At the ATX Television Festival panel, Milo Ventimiglia revealed the best fan theory he’s heard so far.

His answer will make you go, “Ohh!”

Well, maybe not literally scream, but it definitely make your brain churn.

During the panel, Milo told the audience about his favorite fan theory.

We’ll let that one sink in. You mean, this guy?

Really… Really?

Even though it sounds preposterous, that’s not completely out of the question?

After all, Miguel is a controversial figure in the This is Us realm. He winds up with none other than Rebecca Pearson. (A collective gasp can be heard.) Yep. Jack’s best friend ends up with Jack’s wife. Clearly, there’s some chemistry there, something that has yet to be explained between the three of them. Oh man, more questions and more suspense. Needless to say, viewers are on pins and needles, awaiting that inevitable BIG reveal. The anticipation may be too much for some. On the panel, Jennifer Salke, NBC President of Entertainment, shared a story about a close encounter:

Nothing like a mob of yelling people to get your blood pumping. We know we’re no different. We want Season 2, and we want it now. Until then, we’ll be busy theorizing.