Karen Belz
February 22, 2017 8:27 am

At this point, fans of This Is Us know that tears will be shed every Tuesday night. But yesterday, Milo Ventimiglia thought people would be calling out of work due to the emotional despair that plagued them this morning. He’s not necessarily wrong — after all, some pretty upsetting things ended up happening.

There are spoilers ahead, so a fair warning —  you’ll want to catch up before reading any further.

Last night’s episode, titled “Memphis,” focused primarily on Randall and his relationship with his father, William, whose health has been deteriorating since the start of the season.

As you know, Randall was just recently able to reconnect with his dad — as a member of the “Big Three,” he was raised by Kate and Jack with no knowledge of his birth parents.


While we knew this moment was coming, it finally happened. During a road trip together, in which Randall learned a lot about William’s life as a young man, William passed away.

And, well — Milo Ventimiglia wanted the fans to know that he, too, was upset over the outcome of the episode.

In fact, Ventimiglia was consoling fans all night.

Um. We love this guy.

Of course, Milo wasn’t the only person that wanted to discuss last night’s tearjerker. Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, also paid tribute to his fictional dad.

We can’t even imagine how emotional being on set that day must have been! At this point, after 16 episodes, we imagine that the cast has an incredible, family-like bond outside of the studio.

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