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Milo Ventimiglia has a great butt.

How do we know? Because we saw it. And you can see it, too (if you haven’t already)!

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Did we just GIF his butt? Yes, yes we did.

The actor will rock full-frontal nudity in the first episode of the upcoming NBC series This is Us — and we were all lucky enough to see the man God himself sans clothes in the show’s wildly successful trailer (successful because butts, probably).

Butt calm down you, guys. His manhood was covered up by a towel, because duh — it’s primetime television.

Producer Dan Fogelman did, however, tell reporters during the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that they plan to follow up the success of the trailer by using a secret weapon.

“We’re showing his ass in every episode,” Fogelman said.

“Just an ass,” Ventimiglia replied.

“He doesn’t even have lines in the second one,” Fogelman joked.

Ventimiglia showed up for his first day on the job to find his wardrobe options laid out for him — and they were slim pickings. Literally.

“It was one of those things [being on network television] I thought no way and I get to my trailer in the morning on the first day of filming and I look at my choices of wardrobe and it’s really not much,” Ventimiglia told E! News. “There’s tape and there’s like a nude flesh-colored thing, like pieces of cloth and tape and I kind of went, ‘OK, alright, cool. I’ve been nude in film before. It’s fine. No big deal. I’m totally comfortable with my manhood and my rear.'”

Of course the butt talk is all in good fun, and all the attention the yet-to-be-released show is receivingisn’t just because of a little censored nudity. Fogelman believes the show is happening at the exact right time.

Credit: NBC

“Maybe it’s the right place, right time for a show that has a little bit of hope and optimism, can make you cry, can make you feel, but can also make you feel good,” he said. “I didn’t get in the business to work on something that when people turn off their TV, they feel worse than they did an hour ago … I think the goal is to entertain and explore people and hopefully uplift a little without it ever being soft.”

We couldn’t agree more.

This is Us premieres September 20th on NBC at 10/9c.

Check out the trailer: