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Remember how over the summer, pictures of the always-handsome, forever-bae Milo Ventimiglia were released, and while we were immediately like, *swoon,* we were also like, what is going on? He had shaved his facial hair into a pretty killer mustache, and suddenly we had lots of questions like, “What is this about? What is happening? Is this real life? WILL JESS HAVE A MUSTACHE IN THE GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL?”

There were lots of feelings (all of them good), and at the time, we didn’t really question why he suddenly had his very retro-facial hair. We were just like, “You do you, Milo, and we’ll love you no matter what.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC
Credit: NBC

How did we not put two-and-two together sooner? Because like, OF COURSE, he’s just sporting facial hair for the time period, duh. But really, we were still just so distracted by his boyish good-looks (and the idea of Jess with a mustache, and like, what would Rory say about that?) to question it too much.

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You can check out a brand new clip from This Is Us below, and remember, our new favorite show comes back Tuesday at 10 p.m.