Trilby Beresford
Updated Aug 03, 2016 @ 12:29 pm
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

It’s undeniable that Milo Ventimiglia boasts above-average swoon-worthy qualities. As an actor he’s been in our hearts ever since Gilmore Girls (#TeamJess forever!)so obviously we’re counting down the seconds until the revival!

Let’s not forget his other roles, though, because Ventimiglia has guest starred in just about every TV show you can possibly think of. You know, Heroes, Wolverine, Mob City, Gotham, Opposite Sex

… and Law and Order: SVU. A show that’s been on so long (17 seasons and counting!) that it’s actually become something of an incubator for future talent. Stars like Hilary Duff and Abigail Breslin both made appearances, along with some other Gilmore Girls favorites (but more on that later!).

That’s right! Milo Ventimiglia appeared in an episode titled “Escape.” All the way back in 2003.

And we must admit, even though Ventimiglia is playing the victim of a convicted child molester, and things were probably pretty stressful for his character, he looks pretty damn fine.

Just look at that Jess-like angst!

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Yeah sure, he’s all red-eyed, but Ventimiglia just has so much presence!

Oh, and this is giving us all sorts of nostalgia and feelings toward Law and Order: SVU that we didn’t even know were possible.

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Okay, can’t get enough of this guy. Are you looking right past the blood on his face? Because we are.

Here’s Jess Milo being rescued by Olivia Benson. Because that’s what you do when you’re a guest star in Law and Order: SVU.

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

In case things aren’t clear, we are very appreciative of Ventimiglia’s appearance in Law and Order: SVU. We’ll take more of this any day. Like right now.

The world needs more of Milo Ventimiglia, so please deliver accordingly!