Credit: CW/Netflix

When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was first announced, it could not get here soon enough. And then we watched it, (*cough* binged *cough*) and were left immediately demanding more. Would there be more another season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? Was Rory Gilmore really kind of the worst? (This is a highly debated topic, we know.) And who was responsible for Rory Gilmore’s famous last four words?

Warning: Gilmore Girls spoilers to follow!

First of all, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ended with the news that Rory was pregnant. Of course, we all wanted to know: who was the father? Was it Logan? The random Wookie? The boyfriend Rory kept forgetting about?

Fans took to Twitter to Tweet their reactions. But then Netflix threw us all for a loop with this singular tweet:

When Netflix tweeted the above (about a month after the premiere), we wondered: Could they be hinting there’s more Gilmore Girls to come? Notice that the tweet references Luke’s daughter April’s science project from the original series. The tweet reads “Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one?” Well, Netflix, where’s another season when we need one?

Bledel definitely claimed to be open to the idea of future episodes, though admitted there hadn’t been any conversations…yet.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite bad boy Milo Ventimiglia (who plays Jess) might have accidentally let on more than he meant to at a recent interview during the Golden Globes.

Well, that’s a shocker. But then he continued:

Wait. Wait wait wait! You will be surprised? As in there will be a new season?

Obviously, we’re ecstatic by this potential slip. The mere idea of another season makes us smile. Of course, we do remember that this is coming from Jess, the one man who successfully broke Rory’s heart.

Then again, he’s also potentially the love of Rory’s life…if those two could only get their act together!