Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:45 am
gilmore girls
Credit: Netflix

Maybe you’ve already heard this rumor, but word around Stars Hollow is that Netflix is looking to bring Gilmore Girls back for more episodes. That sounds like a great idea! You want more episodes, I want more episodes, everyone else in the world wants more episodes. While we’re eager to return back to Luke’s, not everyone is begging for a second cup of coffee.

Aside from “preliminary talks,” there’s nothing new on the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Season 2 front. However, that hasn’t stopped Milo Ventimiglia — who played Jess during the OG run, and the revival — from saying that maybe more Gilmore Girls isn’t the best idea. He’s frequently used a pie analogy to suggest that fans shouldn’t get so greedy, and TBH, we totally get where he’s coming from. We do! But also, if someone is going to bake us a pie, it’s not like we’re going to say NO to the pie. Come on, it’s pie.

With all that being said, in a recent interview with USA Today, Milo goes so far as to suggest that if Gilmore Girls were to return for more episodes, he’d certainly give it his blessing. BUT, he might not return. Cue, GASP.

He’s certainly not steadfast against the idea of more episodes, but maybe now might be a good time to put Jess to rest.

If you’ve been following Milo’s comments for the past few months, he tends to waver between wanting to go back, and not wanting to go back. These latest comments sure fall into the latter of the two, and that sound you hear is our hearts breaking. We’ve certainly had Rory without Jess, but it just wouldn’t seem right to return back to Stars Hollow again, for the third time, without knowing Jess is going to be there, creepily lovingly staring through the porch window.

Credit: Netflix

Obviously nothing is set in stone, and Gilmore Girls still hasn’t been renewed for Season 2. Regardless, maybe you better start easing yourself into the idea of a Stars Hollow festival without an appearance from Jess.