Olivia Jakiel
Updated September 08, 2016
BBC / Netflix

Okay, first thing’s first: if you STILL haven’t watched Stranger Things, stop what you’re doing and just watch it already!

Second, it’s no secret that everyone is literally *obsessed* with the amazing cast of child actors that starred in the Netflix original series, especially Millie Bobby Brown. No, seriously, remember when Aaron Paul freaked out about interviewing her for Elle magazine and said he wanted to adopt her? Yeah, us too, so get in line!

Before she found fame as Eleven on Stranger Things though, Brown actually starred in the BBC series The Intruders, a TV show “centered around a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.”

Um, holy cow! The end of that teaser trailer is giving us MAJOR Eleven vibes.

And check out the crazy similarities between the two characters here:

Dress? Check. Denim jacket? Check. That awesomely creepy and intense stare? CHECK AND CHECK.

BBC / Netflix

Seriously, it just looks like Eleven time traveled from 1983 to be a body-snatcher and we LOVE it.

BBC / Netflix

Although The Intruders was only around for one 8-episode season, you can stream it all on Amazon, which is exactly what I’ll be doing to fill my Stranger Things void until season two comes out next year.