Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jan 09, 2017 @ 12:08 pm
Credit: Netflix

We heart Barb from Stranger Things so much (she’s just so…RELATABLE!), so we were hopeful that the incredible Golden Globes video was a sneaky way for our fave gal to let us know she’s back and kicking. Sadly, Millie Bobby Brown confirmed that Barb is still dead to Entertainment Weekly, despite her amazing revival in the Golden Globe intro segment. Say it isn’t so!

Still, we have nothing but love for our fave from Stranger Things, so we’ll forgive her for not really coming back. It was enough just to have her back in our lives for a little!

ICYMI, last night at the Golden Globes, Barb from Stranger Things was aliiiiive!

via giphyWait, really?! Err, sort of.

Honestly, her revival in this incredible Golden Globes revival is TOO PERFECT.

While we all know by now that what happened to Barb had to happen, we’re still mourning the mysterious loss of one of the most surprisingly beloved characters of all time.

When asked if there was a chance that our fave would come back, Millie Bobbie Brown (aka Eleven) told Entertainment Weekly,

Ah, well. We’ll deal by re-watching Stranger Things over and over again. There are worse things! Plus, the revival was a part of Jimmy Falon’s cold open for the Golden Globes, and the entire thing is a must-watch. At least we got a new fave song out of this ordeal!

We are still all giggles over that amazing song. Seriously, more like this please.