Credit: NBC

You might realize that something is missing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today… Ellen.

Sadly, Ellen felt a little sick, and enlisted someone else to take over the show. Miley Cyrus topped the list of contenders, and accepted the gig without any hesitation. Of course, she knew that the switch-up would take people by surprise, so she made sure to tell everyone what was happening the second she took the stage.

She also admitted that Ellen left some pretty big shoes to fill.

That’s true friendship!

As expected, Cyrus nailed the role. Here’s a clip where she interviews Frozen star Idina Menzel.

And, here’s a segment Cyrus did on random acts of kindness.

Once again, Cyrus proved that beyond the funny outfits and signature “sticking out the tongue” move, she truly is multi-talented with an amazing personality. While we hope Ellen feels better soon, we wouldn’t mind seeing Miley Cyrus host more shows in the future!