Sarah Terry
September 21, 2016 1:42 pm
John Moore / Getty

Last night, Michelle Obama made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and we were wowed by her incredible sense of humor and passion for her cause. With Stephen, she discussed her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which promotes education for the 62 million young women and girls across the world who aren’t in school. But Michelle also got real with Stephen about her life in the White House and some of the awesome perks of that life.

Stephen Colbert dug deep with one of the most pressing questions we have for Michelle Obama: “What is Beyoncé really like?”

Us too, Stephen! Us too! While we are obviously huge fans, we can’t even imagine trying to talk to her. How would we possibly keep our cool? But of course, the First Lady is actually a woman that Beyoncé has said that she admires, so Stephen wanted to know what it’s like to be a role model for Queen Bey.

Michelle’s answer was so perfect and down-to-earth, no wonder Beyoncé loves her as much as we do!

We can definitely agree with Michelle that Beyoncé is smart and creative, and it’s so fun hearing the things that these two women bond over. They bond over their kids and their family, and it’s clear that even though these women are incredibly influential public figures, they bond with other women over the same things we bond with our girlfriends over. And we’re sure that both Michelle and Beyoncé appreciate a fellow badass lady who understands the life of living in public. We would totally love to be a fly on the wall on a BFF trip that these two take!

But of course, there are some things that Beyoncé can do that Michelle can’t.


Michelle said that she and Beyoncé are alike, “Except, I can’t sing. I can’t dance. […] Not like Beyoncé.”

We feel you, Michelle. We can’t move like Bey either, and we wish we could.

Check out the First Lady’s full interview with Stephen Colbert here: