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All good things must come to an end. Even, Arrested Development, one of the best shows on TV. Or does it? One of the show’s stars, Michael Cera, spoke about the future of Arrested Development. And he had some pretty great things to say.

Here’s what we know. Season 5 of Arrested Development is happening for real. It’s currently in production and expected to hit Netflix in 2018. We also know that Season 5 will be completely different — it’ll be a whodunit.

And Cera seems to think that we’ll have even MORE seasons to come.

Apparently it’s been easy for Cera to get back into the same rhythms with cast, especially with costar Jason Bateman.

Cera also reflected on what it means to keep coming back for new seasons of the show. After all, he was pretty young when they started.

Also, Isla Fisher is back for Season 5, and we are so here for it.

We’ll take all the Arrested Development we can get.