Melissa McCarthy did her fifth SNL hosting gig right. First of all, Melissa McCarthy celebrated Mother’s Day in a sweet and funny way. McCarthy started her monologue by paying tribute to the mothers in the audience, inviting them to stand and receive applause. She talked about how mothers sacrifice their time, and what happens to their purses after having children.

Melissa then picked a random mother out of the crowd, Joan.

Melissa then took Joan on a backstage tour of the SNL set. During her tour, there were many cute and funny surprises. They first ran into a pants-less Alec Baldwin, where Joan got a pink, Easter-style bonnet. They also received ketchup from the concierge desk, and ran into a “needy” cast member, Kyle Mooney. They also ran into Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Melissa hilariously referred to them as the “Livelys.” It was a super cute appearance!

Probably the most random part of their tour was their encounter with a llama. Having a llama during a “backstage” sketch has been one of SNL’s most random and reoccurring gags. Random llamas have appeared on the show for decades, so it was funny and a cute nod to the past.

See the whole monologue for all of the laughs.