Credit: NBC

It was an amazing Ghostbusters reunion last night on Saturday Night Live! Regular cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were once again reunited with host Melissa McCarthy. Of course, the results of their collaboration were glorious. But one amazing sketch with McKinnon and McCarthy has us dreaming up an entire film franchise…

We can see the poster already.

In the “Film Panel” sketch, McKinnon and McCarthy played two aging film stars, eager to share their past adventures. As “would be victim of the Black Dahlia” DeBette Goldry, McKinnon chain-smoked her way through recounting tales of having her ribcage removed to get a part in the movies. Melissa McCarthy’s Gaye Fontaine, on the other hand, was notable for “most on-screen love scenes, at over 400.”

We don’t want to spoil McKinnon and McCarthy’s schtick, so watch it right now:

It’s pretty clear to us that this is one of those famed Saturday Night Live sketches that needs to have a bigger life. It worked for Wayne’s World, Superstar, and Coneheads, so why can’t DeBette and Gaye get their own franchise?

The way we see it, Marion Cotillard and Lupita Nyong’o (ably played in the sketch by Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata) finally get Gaye and Debette to understand that they were treated miserably by sexist Hollywood for decades. Can’t you see McKinnon and McCarthy going on a revenge crime spree across Hollywood? They’d bust up sets, release coyotes onto the Walk of Stars, and throw misogynistic old producers’ Emmys and Oscars right out of 30-story buildings.

Then they’d open their own film studio, where THEY could call the shots at last. And they wouldn’t even have to eat lead paint!!

We’re just sayin’, we’re available to write this, Hollywood.