Mariah Carey - "Oh Santa!"

Whether you think it’s too early to be chatting about Christmas or you’re ready to “deck the halls” at any given moment, you know it’s not Christmas time without the sounds of the one and only Mariah Carey. Everyone’s favorite diva announced her return to the Beacon Theatre for her third annual holiday concert series, but no worries if you didn’t score what’s sure to be a hot ticket this December during pre-sale! It looks like she’ll be embracing the spirit of the season in a more contemporary way.

That’s right, y’all. Mariah Carey is going to be joining James Corden for a Christmas Carpool Karaoke!


Though we don’t have a date yet, we do have pictures of both James and Mariah looking festive while driving around in an SUV with a tree on it. (Well, James looks festive, while she looks glamorous as ever.) And while Mariah has an endless list of Christmas songs she could belt out for us, no holiday season is complete without her classic, “All I Want for Christmas is You”!

Mimi’s got a lot on the horizon for us. From her reality show that’s sure to be the best show of all time and her soon to be iconic MAC collection that’s got us feeling all the Emotions, we don’t think we can handle the excitement!

So start warming up, everyone! December is going to be full of high notes for Mariah, in more ways than one.